Realtors and Investors Turn to Omni Home Staging to Prepare Vacant and Occupied Properties To Sell Quickly, and for Top Dollar! 
Proven Results
Omni has several years of experience in the Real Estate industry,
working with Realtors and their Clients to Prepare Homes for Top Dollar Sale.
An Experienced, Accredited Omni Home Staging professional can work with 
homeowners directly to determine exactly what needs to be done
To Help Prepare Homes To Sell Quickly & for More Money!
Omni has Staged hundreds of homes throughout Maryland; featuring all shapes, sizes and values of homes. Omni works with some of the most successful Realtors in Maryland
              You receive effective access to Omni for responses to all of your questions, updates and support
Each seller has different needs (in terms of time utilization); painting, repairs, de-cluttering, cleaning, etc. We value your schedule and endeavor and
seek to help you 
Sensibility & Sensitivity
Omni takes a practical approach to what can be accomplished within the budget, and are professionally trained and experienced work with clients to transform occupied and vacant houses into marketable, ready to list properties.
    Quality & Attention to Detail
We sweat the little things! Since no two houses are same, an accredited Omni professional can work with you and your client to develop a customized,
'point-by-point' plan of action for preparing homes to sell quickly
Omni provides initial custom consultation, providing homeowners all information and direction they need in order to help prepare their homes for maximum dollar sale, installation, and follow up visit to ensure results!
Your experienced, Accredited Home Stager from can be the sensitive communicator; interfacing with sellers for you,
Helping Homeowners To Prepare Their Homes To Sell!
 Fine Tuning & Follow Up
One visit is never enough! To ensure the best possible results, Omni provides a
Fine Tuning Visit to Help Ensure Best Possible Results
To Help Prepare Your Property To Sell
Omni works with Homeowners and Realtors to Help Prepare Homes for Top Dollar Sale!