{Home Staging 101} Staging Bedrooms

​Tips for Staging Bedrooms:

1. De-clutter. Remove everything from the top of dressers, vanities and end tables that is not necessary. An alarm clock is okay on the nightstand. 2. Organize the closet. The rule of thumb is to remove half of the items in your closet. This can usually be done by packing away out-of-season clothing. Remove boxes or miscellaneous items taking up precious space on the floor. Arrange the remaining items neatly; fold any items left on shelves and hang clothes by color and type on matching hangers if possible 3. Dress the bed. Make the bed with your most beautiful sheets and coverings! 4. Space, aesthetic appeal and move-in readiness are among the top considerations for buyers. Staging this space though should be a low-cost process. Because I have a bit of a flair for the dramatic I added a little tray with a flower, a coffee pot and a pretty china cup to the foot of the bed. What do you guys think...nice touch or a little over the top?

Our house is finally ready to list. Everything turned out to be a bigger task than we thought it would be, from touching up walls and discovering the paint colour was off to mowing the lawn and discovering that the lawn mower wouldn't start. But the house looks brighter and fresher and cleaner than it ever has. I'll (almost) be sad to see it go.A special Thanks to Kym Tarr for sharing her expertise with us."

Staging Tips by Staging Expert Kym Tarr, shared by guest contributor: Kelly, kelly@imperfecthomemaking.com