Quality & Attention to Detail:

We sweat the little things! Since no two houses are same, an Omni professional works with you to develop a customized plan of action, outlining exactly what needs to be done to sell your home faster for more money! Omni provides everything your home or property needs to ensure the best possible results, including rental furnishings, decor, art, in addition to seasoned expertise.



Omni has Staged over 450 homes to sell throughout the Maryland Metropolitan area, featuring all shapes, sizes and values of homes (price range of staged homes $179,900 - $1.3 Million). Omni works with homeowners, investors, builders and the most successful Realtors (several associated with HGTV) to help sell occupied and vacant properties quickly.


Sensibility and Sensitivity:

Omni takes a practical approach to what can be accomplished within your budget. Our objective at Omni is to provide you honest information in a straight forward, non-confrontational manner. Each seller has different needs in terms of time utilization, budget, painting, repairs, de-cluttering, cleaning, open house scheduling, etc. At Omni, we value your schedule and endeavor, and seek to make the best use of your time, and to help sell your home for more in less time!  






































Before Staging

After Staging


Proven Results:

You want your house to sell quickly. In order to stand out against the competition, your house or property needs to look its very best. An accredited Omni Staging professional works with you to transform your home or property into the vision of clients ideal home. With years of experience demonstrating proven results, Omni Home Staging provides the competitive edge to make your home sell quickly.

Omni Home Staging is the recognized authority in home Staging. Omni has been featured in the Washington Post, the Frederick News Post, FCBIA publications.



Q: Why stage my beautifully decorated home?

A: Staging your home and decorating are very different. The beautiful colors, personal collections, and embellishments you've added to make your home warm and pleasing to you, may be the very thing that distract a potential buyer. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves and their furniture in your house. Staging presents your house’s architectural features, square footage and visual charm at it’s best advantage.


Q: Don’t vacant houses sell better than furnished houses? Why would I want my vacant property staged?

A: Not every buyer has the ability to see space, traffic flow and practical use of living areas when they look at a blank canvas. By providing vignettes of small furniture and accessories, you trigger the imagination and leave little room for misinterpretation or guess work. Buyers are influenced by what they see and they react at an emotional level. Simple, warm arrangements make a stark room look inviting. You want potential buyers to be drawn into a comfortable, livable image.


Q: What is the best way to start the process of home staging?

A: An Accredited, experienced Omni Home Staging expert will meet with you to discuss your goals, and view your home or property. Once you decide to move forward, you will receive a detailed, customized plan of action, and support in preparing your home for potential buyers. Omni can provide everything you need; Rental Furnishings

Q: Is Home Staging cost effective?

A: The investment in staging a home maximizes the homeowner’s potential profit. Staged homes will sell for more, no matter what the climate of the market and they will sell more quickly. The first 5% reduction in price on a non-staged home listed for $250,000 would result in a loss of profit of $12,500. By showing a Staged home and realizing a 5% increase over the projected $250,000 listing price the seller could realize an additional $12,500 in potential profit.

Why Stage your home?

 Stage Your Home To Sell ~ for More in Less Time!